The Role of Probiotics in a Colon Cleanse

The Role of Probiotics In Colon Cleansing

by DDASILVA on NOVEMBER 17, 2011

During colon cleansing not only is harmful bacteria and toxins removed from our body, but healthy bacteria is removed as well. This leaves us with a bacterial imbalance in the body and makes us susceptible to a host of intestinal problems. Just as having an overabundance of harmful bacteria leaves you feeling sluggish and sick, having an imbalance the other way can also have the same effect. A balanced digestive system should contain 80% of good bacteria and only 20% bad! But unfortunately colon cleansing cannot be selective in the bacteria that it eliminates.

As your digestive system loses its effectiveness from the lack of nutrients, you can actually suffer from malnutrition! You may not realize it but having “friendly” bacteria in your GI tract ensures the following: reduction of the effects of food intolerance; a good immune system; the digestion and absorption of nutrients; the digestive system works efficiently; we have a general sense of well-being; pathogens do not overtake the colon and cause disease; cholesterol levels are lowered; produce lactose which helps break down dairy products; estrogen levels are maintained in women, decreasing the possibility for osteoporosis; IBS, Crohn disease, and even colon cancer can be treated and prevented.

Signs and symptoms of a bacterial imbalance in the body include constipation, fatigue, acid reflux, recurring sugar cravings, acne, bad breath, frequent sickness (flus, colds, etc.), and digestive and/or skin problems. So, to avoid these issues, it is essential to replace the friendly bacteria in the body. This is where probiotics come in.

Probiotics are essentially good bacteria. They include sources such as acidopilus and lactobacillus. (Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics.) During a colon cleanse it is a simple matter of taking a daily supplement to keep your probiotic supply up in your body. There are several good ones; Primal Defense and Align are some of the best.

Probiotics should be taken about 30 minutes before mealtime. Regular food is not very rich in probiotics because of all the processing that our food undergoes. This means that a supplement is probably necessary to keep your digestive tract in balance. You can take them in capsule form, or open the capsules and mix the powder with water or food for easier consumption.

Even the name “probiotics” literally means “for life.” Even a regular daily diet is not conducive to the existence of probiotics. Every time you consume chlorinated water, alcohol, coffee, or fatty foods, you are killing off good bacteria in your gut. This opens the door for all sorts of infectious diseases. While probiotics are important for everyday life, they are even more vital during a colon cleanse. Don’t let colon cleansing leave you drained and undernourished. Make sure to include probiotics in your daily regimen.


We highly recommend a colon cleanser called Zymbiotix, which actually contains Probiotics amongst other things to ensure gastrointestinal health. Zymbiotix works to cleanse your entire body of toxins, built up waste, replenish your body with probiotics to ensure efficient digestion. In addition to cleansing your colon, Zymbiotix also works to burn your fat cells and increase your body’s metabolism as well. They’re currently offering a free trial for Zymbiotix for anyone looking to try this colon cleanser for free without having to worry about wasting money on something you don’t like.

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